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255Proposed dental exhibition in TianjinDental Exhibition of Modern Dentistry1930
319Dr. Ya Mei Kin's Agricultural Project in ChinaDr. Ya Mei Kin's Agricultural Project 1917
442Business practices in ChinaDoing Business in China1932
526Motion picture market in ChinaData for film year book (Letter request September 21, 1933, Motion Picture section, specialties Division) 1933
713Activities of the American Chamber of Commerce in ShanghaiDigest. Convention dates of trade associations1936
734Chinese Chambers of CommerceData for the Chinese Chambers of Commerce. Booklet - Chinese General Chamber of Commerce. Shanghai Chinese General Chamber of Commerce1923
882Advertisements on Municipal Roads, Footpaths, etc - General - 3 - Advertising Ballons, Kites, etc. - D.B. Sparks c/o Whiteaways.D.B. Sparks c/o Whiteaways: Advertising Balloons (refused)1935
915Advertisement on Traffic Control Lamp Posts. Dollar Advertising Company. 1931-1932.Dollar Advertising Company: Advertisement on Traffic Control Lamp Posts 1931
920Advertising Services Offered by Mrs. Carney.  PHD Publicity. Propositions from Advertising AgentsDora Carney's Publicity Services to SMC Public Health Department (disapproved)1939
1043P. Boorlin & Company/Aerial Advertising Company: Demonstrative advertisements through moving picturesDemonstrative advertisements through moving pictures (Aerial Advertising Company)1921
1049Display Cartoon Films - Globe Express Company - Cad Lot 29a - Nanking Road No.12aDisplay Cartoon Films, Globe Express Company, Nanking Road1924
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