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904Acme Advertising Agency: Billboard outside the authorized zone corner Cardinal Mercier/Bourgeat (approved)1928
905Acme Advertising Agency: Billboard on a municipal storage lot Boulevard de Montigny1929
906Acme Advertising Agency: Billboard near Meugniot municipal market corner Kraetzer/Marco Polo roads1930
907Acme Advertising Agency: Billboard outside the authorized zone route Pottier (approved for hygienic purposes)1932
908Acme Advertising Agency: tensions with municipal agents near the Cathay Cinema1932
909Acme Advertising Agency vs. Shanghai Telephone Company1934
910Acme Advertising Agency: Billboard near St. George garden outside the authorized zone (disapproved)1936
911Acme Advertising Agency vs. Claude Neon Light: neon-light structure corner boulevard the Montigny/Rue du Consulat1936
918Claude Neon Lights complaints' about wartime restrictions on electricity consumption in the French Concession1941
955"Indecent" Advertisement for Kidney Pills Advertisement for Sphrodisiac Pills1937
951"Indecent" advertisements for quack medicines in the pre-Republican Chinese pressIndecent Advertisements in the native press, 1908-19101910
954"Indecent" Billboards advertising cures for Veneral DiseasesAdvertisement for Cure of Veneral Disesase1935
623"Safety First" Week in Shanghai"Safety First" Week in Shanghai1939
700"Salient facts about China" (Arnold's pamphlet)Salient Facts about China1937
83922nd National Foreign Trade Convention. Houston, Texas. Rice Hotel. November 18-19-20, 1935Program of the 22nd National Foreign Trade Convention1935
826A.B.C. Diary of weekly activitiesActivities for week ending December 18, 1926, to week ended Dec 1, 19271926
347Accrediting China Organization for Material Accrediting China Organization for Material 1924
434Acid plants in ShanghaiAcid plants in Shanghai1932
713Activities of the American Chamber of Commerce in ShanghaiDigest. Convention dates of trade associations1936
804Address Book1928
486Adoption of metric system of weights and measuresAdoption of metric system of weights and measures1933
483Adoption of the five-day week to reduce output in Chinese cotton millsChinese Cotton Mills adopt 5-day week to reduce output1933
790Advertisement for Coca-Cola in ChinaCoca Cola Ad.1930
898Advertisement on Traffic Control Lamp Posts. Dollar Advertising Company Dollar Advertising Company: Advertising on traffic lights1931
915Advertisement on Traffic Control Lamp Posts. Dollar Advertising Company. 1931-1932.Dollar Advertising Company: Advertisement on Traffic Control Lamp Posts 1931
956Advertisements for "indecent" performance in the "Crystal" newspaperThe Crystal. Indecent Advertisements1940
948Advertisements for quack medicines in the Chinese press Ferocious Tiger Pills. Advertisements for a German Aphrodisiac in Chinese Language Publications1938
943Advertisements on Footpaths (National Advertising Agency & Publishers)Advertisements on Footpaths. National Advertising Agency & Publishers1929
886Advertisements on Municipal Properties. Western District. Soldiers' CemeteryAdvertising on British Soldiers' Cemetery1926
882Advertisements on Municipal Roads, Footpaths, etc - General - 3 - Advertising Ballons, Kites, etc. - D.B. Sparks c/o Whiteaways.D.B. Sparks c/o Whiteaways: Advertising Balloons (refused)1935
895Advertisements on Municipal Roads, Footpaths, etc - Public Telephone Kiosks, J. Store - 150 Bubbling Well RoadPublic Telephone Kiosks: application from J. Store 1934
959Advertising Balloons. Messrs. Marden & Company, LimitedMarden & Co. Advertising Balloon (refused)1938
900Advertising Boards & Hoardings. Millington, Ltd. 5. Nanking Road & Kiangse Road. Cad Lot 164ABillboards on building site in place of bamboo fence: Millington c/o Shanghai Power Co.1930
931Advertising Hoardings - Miscellaneous. McMichael's Agency. Yu Ya Ching & Racecourse RoadsMcMichael's Agency: Advertising Hoardings corner Yu Ya Ching & Racecourse Roads1938
912Advertising Hoardings. Carl Crow Incorporated. Western District 11, Blydenburgh's Turn & corner Avenue Haig/Bubbling Well. 1923-1925Carl Crow, Inc.: Billboards at Blydensburg turn1923
913Advertising Hoardings. Carl Crow Incorporated. Western District 8, South of Cadastral Lot 2610, Bubbling Well Road. 1922. Source: SMA (SMC), U1-14-3253 (1517-1523)Carl Crow, Inc.: Billboards on Bubbling Well Road (CL 2610)1922
916Advertising Hoardings. Carl Crow Incorporated. Western District 8, South of Cadastral Lot 2610. Bubbling Well Road. 1922. Carl Crow, Inc.: Billboards in place of bamboo fence at St. George Hotel1922
930Advertising Hoardings. Miscellaneous. McMichael's Agency - Boundary Wall of the Race Course. McMichael's Agency: Advertising Hoardings on the Boundary Wall of the Race Course1935
265Advertising in ChinaAmerican Publications and Advertising Agencies in China (Submitted by Vice Consul Walter A. Adams, Shanghai)1919
281Advertising in North China1931
890Advertising in Public Motorcars and in Trucks. Fine Arts Studio's applicationFine Arts Studio's application for advertising on public motor vehicles (disapproved)1939
30Advertising in ShanghaiAdvertising in Shanghai1932
282Advertising in Shanghai (correspondence related to)Advertising in Shanghai, Advertising in China, Advertising abroad1932
944Advertising kiosk and clock in Shanghai French Concession (China Advertising Company)Kiosque-réclame avec horloge (China Advertising Company)1941
883Advertising Kiosks on pavements in the principal streetsAdvertising kiosks: Atkinson & Dallas' application 1920
89Advertising media and methodsAdvertising media and methods1927
35Advertising media and methods (I)Preliminary report on Advertising media and methods1927
34Advertising media and methods (II)Advertising media and methods. Supplementing report dated June 15, 19271927
33Advertising media and methods (III)Advertising media and methods. Supplementing report dated June 15, 19271927
278Advertising Media and Methods (report in preparation)Questionnaire No. 2001926
272Advertising mediums for American products in ChinaAdvertising mediums for American Products in China1921
11Advertising meets war and survivesCarl Crow Papers (1913-1945)1939
896Advertising on Ricshas Pullers' Coats. Applications. J.B. DaviesJ.B. Davies' application to advertise on rickshaw pullers' coats (approved)1928
933Advertising on Trams - Oriental PressAdvertising on Trams - Oriental Press1921
920Advertising Services Offered by Mrs. Carney.  PHD Publicity. Propositions from Advertising AgentsDora Carney's Publicity Services to SMC Public Health Department (disapproved)1939
958Advertising Space. B.A.T., Advertising Balloon, Chang Hsu Ho Gardens Tea HouseBritish-American Tobacco: Advertising Balloon (Three Castles), Chang Hsu Ho Gardens Tea House (refused)1924
942Advertising stands in Shanghai French Concession (Continental Trading Company)Installation de stands publicitaires sur les trottoirs de la Concession française. Continental Trading Company1931
189Advertising the new Ford carFor Attention of the Automotive Division. Advertising the new Ford car1928
230Advisability of commercial reports1920
115Agreement between Ford Motor Company and Manchukuo Heavy Industry CompanyFord Motor Company1938
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