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ID Name Title Title [cn] Year 
104New China Motor Transportation Magazine New China Motor Transportation Magazine 1937
187North China Market for Automotive cableNorth China Market for Automotive cable1931
220Weekly Cable ServiceNew Cable Service1924
248North Manchurian Industrial ExhibitionNorth Manchurian Industrial Exhibition1922
250Nanyang Engineering ExhibitionNanyang Engineering Exhibition1926
257Agricultural Show in Hong KongNew Territories Agricultural Show1930
258National Products Exhibit in ShanghaiNative Products Exhibit at Shanghai1931
277Information on newspapers in Harbin and Dairen (Dalian)Newspapers published in Harbin and Dairen, Manchuria1926
462Water Works in NanjingNanking Water Works1932
487New Motor Bus Routes in Zhejiang-Jiangsu areaNew Motor Bus Routes1933
488Impact of increase of tariff on cigar trade New higher tariff on cigars imported into China and comments on China cigar trade1933
511National manufacture of flashlight cells in ChinaNational Electric Works Manufacturing Flashlight Cells (For guarded dissemination to American manufacturers interested)1933
528Tobacco consumption and taxation in China New high taxation of cigarettes threatens reduction in American leaf tobacco consumption on China market1933
546Privatization of National Construction Commission enterprisesNational Construction Commission Enterprises Become Private Companies1937
575Railway developments in ChinaNew Items Regarding Railway Developments in China1937
599Trademark law in ChinaNew Trade Mark Law Proposed by Provisional Government in North China. Trademark law in China1938
604Sino-Japanese Gas Company in ShanghaiNew Sino-Japanese Gas Company, Shanghai1939
614Agricultural schools in ChinaNew Agricultural Schools1939
627Conditions in nine Chinese cities under Japanese occupationNew Order in East Asia1939
638Narcotic trafficking under Japanese occupationNarcotic Trafficking and the Japanese Army1939
661National Match SyndicateNational Match Syndicate1939
820Note for 'Home and Abroad' from Shanghai OfficeNote for 'Home and Abroad' from Shanghai Office1936
821Institute of International Relations: Program of LecturesNorthwest Session. University of Washington, July 22 to 27, 19281928
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