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74Discrimination against the Dragon Motor Car Company in HongkongBritish discrimination against American motor cars1925
84Bicyle RacingBicyle Racing1935
119Interpretation of weekly economic reportsBureau's interpretation of our Weekly Economic Radio of February 25, 19381938
149Business Conditions in ShanghaiBusiness Conditions in Shanghai1937
188Bureau's Share in Expansion of United States Automotive ExportsBureau's Share in Expansion of United States Automotive Exports1928
209Business conditions in China (newspaper article)Business conditions in China 1923
251Shanghai exhibitBureau material for exhibit at Shanghai1927
298British Attitude Toward American EnterpriseBritish Attitude Toward American Enterprise1915
372Baking and Confectionery Industry Expanding in Shanghai Baking and Confectionery Industry Expanding in Shanghai 1931
477Bata Shoe company retail store in ShanghaiBata Shoe Company opens retail store, Shanghai1933
481Bata Shoe Company plans for the first chain-store system for ChinaBata Shoe Interests Plan First Chinese Chain Stores 1933
497Butter, margarine and cooking fats imports in Shanghai and ChinaButter, margarine and cooking fats. Shanghai and China Imported Foodstuffs Markets - 1932. Statistics and Comments on. 1933
576Ban on Cantonese in Chinese filmsBan on Cantonese Dialogue in Chinese Pictures Postponed1937
666Bakerite Company's booklet Bakerite Factorial1939
714Bulletin of the American Chamber of Commerce in ShanghaiBulletin of American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai1936
736Members of the British Chamber of Commerce of ShanghaiBritish Chamber of Commerce of Shanghai Membership List 1924
746British Chamber of Commerce Journal British Chamber of Commerce Journal (Articles on Chinese Income Tax Law). Exchange of publications1937
853Banking Practices in Shanghai. China as a Market. Eastern Imports and Banking practicesBanking Practices in Shanghai1925
866Arnold's Scrapbook (1916-1937)Business cards collected by Julean Arnold in Shanghai1936
892Bruno Permè. Panneau-Réclames Lot 6005 Avenue JoffreBruno Permè: Billboards on avenue Joffre1935
893Texas Co. vs Bruno Permè. Advertising Billboard on Cad. Lot 6005 on Avenue Joffre west of Rte des SœursBruno Permè vs. Texas Co. Billboards on Avenue Joffre1937
900Advertising Boards & Hoardings. Millington, Ltd. 5. Nanking Road & Kiangse Road. Cad Lot 164ABillboards on building site in place of bamboo fence: Millington c/o Shanghai Power Co.1930
901Washington Apartments (Miss. M. Bocharoff). Panneaux-réclames hors zone autoriséeBillboards outside the authorized zone1938
958Advertising Space. B.A.T., Advertising Balloon, Chang Hsu Ho Gardens Tea HouseBritish-American Tobacco: Advertising Balloon (Three Castles), Chang Hsu Ho Gardens Tea House (refused)1924
974Advertisements on Municipal Properties - Central District. Honan Road BridgeBritish American Tobacco Company (China), Limited: Advertisements on Honan Road Bridge1923
1013Bill Motors, Enseigne décorative sur terrain municipalBill Motors, Modern art signboard on municipal property 1932
1021Electric & Gas Signs & Lamps. British-American Tobacco Company. Pirate Sign. Horse Bazaar, Bubbling Well Road  British-American Tobacco Company: Electric Sky Sign (Pirate), Horse Bazaar, Bubbling Well Road 1921
1054Magic lantern Advertising Board - Berlin Transparent Advertising CompanyBerlin Transparent Advertising Company, Magic lantern Advertising Board1939
1076Belge Neonlite Company Ltd,  Enseignes Lumineuses, Grand Monde, Sine PharmacyBelge Neonlite Company Ltd,  Electric Sign, Great World/Sine Pharmacy1929
1077Electric & Gas Signs & Lamps. Western District. Belge Neonlite Co - Cad Lot 2104 - Bubbling Well RoadBelge Neonlite Company Ltd,  Electric Sign, Bubbling Well1930
1081Bruno Perme vs Texas Company, Panneaux-réclames (Avenue Joffre)Bruno Perme vs Texas Company, Illuminated Billboards, Joffre Avenue1937
1120Illuminated Sky Sign - Bubbling Well (Horse Bazaar premise) - British American Tobacco Company. 1912-1914.British-American Tobacco Company: Illuminated Sky Sign, Horse Bazaar, Bubbling Well Road 1914
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