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41Inventory of the Records of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic CommercePreliminary Inventory of the Records of the Bureau of Foreign and Domestic Commerce (Record Group 151)1963
152Transliteration of "Coca-Cola" Trade-Mark to Chinese Characters樂可口可 or how to say Coca-Cola in Chinese 1957
840Walter McConaughy, Department of State. Re: David and Y.K. WongCorrespondence related to David and Y.K Wong in Shanghai1954
27Investigations on various advertising agencies, dated 1951Investigations on various advertising agencies, 1951上海商业储蓄银行有关广告业调查资料1951
847Memorandum regarding the Retirement benefits of the American employees of the International Settlement at Shanghai, ChinaRetired American employees at the Shanghai Municipal Council (SMC)1950
837中華民國普通 汽車駕駛人執照Calder's Driver's Licence (Republic of China)1949
844Roster of American Personnel, American Consulate, Shanghai, ChinaRoster of American consular Personnel in Shanghai1949
838Conditions in Hongkong. Report No. 200, December 9, 1948 Conditions in Hongkong1948
841Economic and Trade NotesPostwar Situation in Shanghai1948
849Canton Paper Mill of the Kwantung Industrial Corporation. A Summary Kwantung Industrial Corporation1948
850Memorandum: Visit to Hong Kong and Canton - October 25 to November 1, inclusive, 1948Political reactions in postwar Hong Kong and South China1948
902Rotary Club of Shanghai. Roster. March 1948Roster of the Shanghai Rotary Club1948
18Correspondence of the Consolidated National Advertising Co. (Letter from the Continental Bank) Letter from the Continental Bank to the Consolidated National Advertising Co., dated May 17, 1947联合商业储蓄银行总会致津会1947
842American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai: 28th Annual Meeting, February 3, 1947American Chamber of Commerce 22th Annual Meeting in Shanghai1947
843Directors' Meeting of the American Chamber of Commerce, Shanghai, ChinaReport on the American Chamber of Commerce Directors' Meeting in Shanghai1947
848Memorandum: Visit to Hong Kong and Canton - December 1947Economic conditions in postwar Hong Kong and South China 1947
808Calder's diary (May 6-8, 1946)1946
747Circulation of economic surveys and business materialsRequest for Copies of the Publications related to the International Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers ...1945
286China-America Council of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (1943-1946)China-America Council of Commerce and Industry, Inc. (1944-1946)1944
761Chinese dairy industry in ChongqingChinese dairy has forty cows at Chungking. Cherry-Burrell Circle. Chinese News Service1944
897Proposed control of street advertising (Legal opinion of Mr. Kum). Cleansing Advertisement CampaignCleansing advertising campaign in wartime Shanghai1943
873China. A Social-Political-Economic SurveyChina. A Social-Political-Economic Survey1942
917Neon Light Signs (General)Claude Neon Light complaining against the restrictions of electricity consumption in wartime Shanghai, International Settlement ...1942
14Letter from Wilfred S.B. Wong to Y. Lewis Mason, dated October 1st, 1941Letter from Wilfred S.B. Wong (America Advertising Corporation) to Y. Lewis Mason (Consolidated National Advertising Co.) ...上海商业储蓄银行有关广告业调查资料1941
15Letter from Y. Lewis Mason to Wilfred S.B. Wong, dated September 8th, 1941Letter from Y. Lewis Mason (Consolidated National Advertising Co.) to Wilfred S.B. Wong (America Advertising Corporation), ...上海商业储蓄银行有关广告业调查资料1941
20Shanghai bank (上海銀行), Investigation on the Keenad, Inc., dated February 4-7, 1941Investigation on the Keenad, Inc. (金亞廣告公司) made by the Shanghai bank 上海銀行, dated February 4-7, 1941 ...上海商业储蓄银行有关广告业调查资料1941
24Shanghai bank (上海銀行), Investigation on the Jimmy Advertising Co., dated September 5, 1941Investigation on the Jimmy Advertising Co. (集美廣告公司) made by the Shanghai bank 上海銀行, dated September ...上海商业储蓄银行有关广告业调查资料1941
845Review of Trade and Economic Conditions in China (including Manchuria and Hong Kong) from mid-July to mid-August 1941Trade and Economic Conditions in wartime China1941
888Novelty Advertising Company: Application for permission to erect service clocks in the International Settlement Electric clocks (5).Novelty Advertising Company 1941
918Claude Neon Lights complaints' about wartime restrictions on electricity consumption in the French Concession1941
111Motor Vehicle Registrations in Shanghai French Concession (1940)Registration Figures for French Concession1940
112Cummins Diesel Export Corporation's inquiry on the Manchuria Motor Car CompanyManchuria Motor Car Company - Cummins Diesel Export Corporation1940
113Import restriction on Motor Vehicles in Hong KongImport restriction on Motor Vehicles in Hong Kong1940
114Automotive survey in Tianjin1940
237Impropriety of international expositions during the warCalendar of International Fairs and Expositions - 19401940
264Exhibition of Wartime Paintings in Chungking (Chongqing)Exhibition of Wartime Paintings in Chungking 1940
667Weekly Confidential Report (February 3, 1940)Weekly Confidential Report1940
668Weekly Confidential Report (February 24, 1940)Weekly Confidential Report1940
669Made in U.S.A. Made in U.S.A. 1940
670China's market for synthetic gasoline Synthetic gasoline 1940
671Refrigerator market in ChinaWorld Refrigerator Markets - China1940
672Chinese Medical Association ConferenceChinese Medical Association Conference1940
673Motor vehicles registered in Shanghai, International SettlementRegistration of "New" Motor Vehicles. International Settlement, Shanghai1940
674Automotive market survey in ChinaAutomotive Market Survey -- China. Year ended December 31, 1939 (Exclusive of Hong Kong and Manchuria)1940
675Newsprint Paper in ChinaWorld Distribution of Newsprint Paper - China1940
676Wireless regulations for British subjects in ChinaWireless Regulations for British Subjects in China1940
677China Motion Picture Company, ChongqingThe Motion Picture Front at Chungking1940
678China annual economic report for 1939China Annual Economic Report for 19391940
679Chinese industrial cooperativesChinese Industrial Cooperatives1940
680Film censorship regulationsRegulation Governing Film Censorship Promulgated By the "Reformed Government of China"1940
703Monopolies in Central China1940
806Calder's speech at the Annual Foreign Trade DinnerRemarks made by A. Bland Calder, Assistant Commercial Attache at the Annual Foreign Trade Dinner of the American Chamber ...1940
879The Minutes of the Shanghai Municipal Council. Volume XXVIIIMinutes of the Shanghai Municipal Council (vol. 28)1940
11Advertising meets war and survivesCarl Crow Papers (1913-1945)1939
110Motor Vehicle Registrations in Shanghai French Concession (1939)Motor Vehicle Registrations in the French Concession, Shanghai, June 30, 19391939
130Monthly Trade Report, China (February 1939)Monthly Trade Report, China, February 15, 19391939
131China Annual Economic Report for 1939Annual Economic Report - Instructions as to Length1939
132Weekly Economic Report (March 18, 1939)Weekly Economic Report. Report for 3 weeks ending March 18, 19391939
133Weekly Economic Report (March 25, 1939)Weekly Economic Report. Report for the week ending March 25, 19391939
134Weekly Economic Report (April 1, 1939)Weekly Economic Report. Report for the week ending April 1, 19391939
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