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33W.H. Jansen Cinema exhibitions in Markets, Schools, etc.: extract from the brochure (1935)Tuesday 19 February 19351935

109Types of advertisement borders

72Texas Company, Texaco advertising signs at gasoline filling stations, Avenue & Medhurst Road (1934-1935)Wednesday 13 June 19341934-1935

73Texas Company, Proposed location for Texaco advertising signs at gasoline filling stations, Avenue & Medhurst Road (1934-1935)Wednesday 13 June 19341934-1935

75Singer Paunzen Advertising Studio, Projected advertising matter onto the window (1939)Monday 30 October 19391939

48Shop sign on a verandah interfering with the neighbor's (Zee Yuen Ling) living conditions (1939)Monday 1 May 1939

82Shanghai Silk Guild, Easements, Jetty No.26 (Key plan & Advertising lot) (1938)Friday 2 September 1938

40Shanghai Power Company, Proposed Flood Lights, Canton Road (1939)Wednesday 17 May 19391939

39Shanghai Power Company, Proposed Flood Lights, Bubbling Well & Love Lane (1938)Wednesday 20 April 19381938

41Shanghai Power Company, Proposed Flood Lights for illuminating Shell Service Station, Bubbling Well & Medhurst Road (1939)Monday 26 June 19391939

63Shanghai Mainichi Shimbun, Advertising clock tower, Woosung, Hanbury & Boone Roads (1938)Wednesday 3 August 1938

47Santow Yoko, Adverising boards on the roof of Hongkew Public Market (disapproved) (1930)Wednesday 25 June 1930

64S. Wushida, Advertising on Electric Poles (1942)Wednesday 30 September 1942

81Prospectus for Better Home Exhibition (1935)Friday 15 November 1935November 15-24, 1935

4Poster Advertising on Tramways (Sawing through a woman)Monday 17 October 19211921

32Pax Publicity, Hanging of Banners for celebration of Japanese Navy Commemoration, 1943Saturday 22 May 19431943

44Outdoor Publicity Company, Signboard corner Jessfield & Yuyuen Roads (permit granted by mistake) (1924)Friday 4 January 1924

46Oriental Advertising Agency, Proposed structures to be erected round the new municipal building (1914)Wednesday 15 April 1914

52Oriental Advertising Agency, Proposed hoarding at the junction of Nanking & Hoopeh road (1914)Friday 20 February 19141914

51Oriental Advertising Agency, Advertising Hoardings, WD, Changsu Ho Garden (1914)Saturday 7 February 1914

60Oriental Advertising Agency, Advertising hoardings, corner Jessfield & Yuyuen Roads (1923)Friday 15 June 1923

50Oriental Advertising Agency, Advertising Hoardings, CD, Szechen Road No.160 (1914)Saturday 7 February 1914

59Oriental Advertising Agency, Advertising hoarding, Bubbling Well & Seymour Road (1922)Monday 18 September 1922

58Oriental Advertising Agency, Advertising boards on George Dallas' Stables, 1912-1913Friday 25 October 1912

5Oriental Advertising Agency Letter Heading (Logotype)Sunday 30 March 19301930

76Ohlinger Films, Projected Screen corner North Szechuen/Haining Roads (1924)Thursday 10 January 19241924

38Offensive billboard advertising "Gonolyne" on Thibet Road (West side of New World) (1935)Saturday 23 March 19351935

37Offensive billboard advertising "Gonocure" on Bubbling Well Road (Opposite Long Fei Gate) (1935)Saturday 23 March 19351935

74New World Illuminated Sign in 1919Wednesday 26 February 1919February 1919

69National Advertising Agency & Publishers, Lamp advertisements in public gardens and streets (1929)Saturday 23 February 1929

71Modern Publicity Company, Proposed Bus Indicator (1932) (2)Thursday 22 September 1932

70Modern Publicity Company, Advertising Pillars at Omnibus Stopping Places (1932) (1)Wednesday 29 June 1932

57Millington, Ltd, Advertising hoarding corner Medhurst & Avenue Road (1929)Wednesday 14 August 1929

28McMichael's Agency's Hoardings on the Boundary Wall of the Race Course in 1935Monday 7 October 1935August 4-October 26 1935

107Luna Park

88Letterhead of Millington, Ltd. (1938)

87Letterhead of Millington, Ltd. (1934-1935)

86Letterhead of Millington, Ltd. (1930-1932)

84Letterhead of Millington, Ltd. (1928-1929)Friday 8 June 1928

22Label for Sun Milk Shake Strawberry (Newmilks, Ltd)Thursday 9 July 1936

23Label for Sun Chocomilk (Newmilks, Ltd)Thursday 30 July 1936

61K. Mondenach, Projection work inside a jewellery shop on Bubbling Well Road with lantern effect on pavement (1940)Thursday 6 June 1940

77Jardine Matheson & Company, Proposed neon sign for Deluxe Restaurant (Laoshan beer) in 1938Tuesday 5 July 19381938

106It Pays To AdvertiseTuesday 20 May 1930

8Isis Theatre overhanging boards on North Szechuen Roads (Chinese Advertising Agency)Monday 28 January 19241924

29Isida Service Association, Erection at Corners of Municipal Streets of Apparatus Containing Map of Shanghai Designed to Give Information to Public on Payments of Small Fee (1932)Monday 14 March 1932

30Installation of Advertising Clocks in Settlements Streets Utilising Poles & Standards of Public Utility Companies (T.A. Cooper), 1927-1928.1927-11-02

105Editorial Cartoon. Mr. C.P. Ling. Founder and Proprietor of the China Commercial Advertising Agency, 1926-1936Wednesday 15 July 1936

45Eastern Theatre & National Amusements Company, Request for advertising space on Wayside Police dormitory (1930)Tuesday 25 February 1930

16Eastern China Advertising Company, Proposed Standard Type of Highway Electric Clock for International Concession in Shanghai (1931)Monday 7 September 1931September 1931, 7-July 4, 1932

24Deceitful sign advertising "New York & Co.Modern Laundry" in Shanghai1937

56Dah Tung Advertising Agency, Advertising board on a wall, corner Bubbling & Weihaiwei Rd (1936)Sunday 22 March 1936

110Compagnie française de réclames lumineuses. Illuminated bus stops

68Communicatus Advertising Company, Proposed Master Clocks at important road intersections (1932)Friday 8 July 1932

42Claude Neon Light on delivery truck advertising Lazaridy vodka (section AA) (1936)Tuesday 4 February 1936

43Claude Neon Light on delivery truck advertising Lazaridy vodka (1936)Tuesday 4 February 1936

7Chinese Y.M.C.A. Banners stretched across Nanking & Szechuen Roads between Wing On to Sincere Department StoresMonday 3 May 19261926

49Carl Crow, Roof Signs 417 Nanking Road (1921)Friday 25 November 1921

53Carl Crow, Advertising hoardings corner Bubbling Well & Love Lane (1927)Thursday 6 January 1927

55Carl Crow, Advertising Hoarding corner Avenue Foch & Chengtu Road (1941)Friday 29 August 1941
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